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The beginning of the middle of my journey!

Well, I did it.  Here it is.  My first blog.
I’ve been contemplating this move for a while.  I’ve kept journals for most of my teenage life but, understandably, couldn’t keep up with it after I got married.  Plus, growing up in the computer age, for the last few years of my traditional journaling I found that my pen couldn’t keep up with my thoughts.  In fact, my typing can barely keep up!

As an introduction, a little bit about me.

First, I hope that I’ll get readers from both my lives, i.e. those who know me as Jessica (circa pre-2004) and those who know me as Chavi (2004 and onward).  It was about in 2004 that I started pursuing the “frum” life, or becoming an observant Jew.  I made some mature and immature decisions during the process and am excited about analyzing those here.  That major life decision also changed the trajectory of my professional life.  In high school and college I was a staunch New Yorker on the fast track to becoming one of those brilliant politicos, a political junkie that knows every member of Congress and how they voted on the last omnibus bill.  I wanted to work in politics, breathe politics and drink up the glory that is Washington DC and the political process.  I was a Harvard student exposed to the brightest and best contacts in the world, lodged in the heart of academia, just begging to be used to my own advantage.

So how did I get here – Cleveland, Ohio of all places, raising money for an Orthodox Jewish non-profit, working from home and raising two little kids (only 19 months apart) all by the age of 25?  While my friends are a) working in the White House b) pursuing their first or second graduate degree or c) making tons of money consulting, ibanking or the like in the grand city of their choice while traveling the country and the world at will, all only responsible to a significant other and maybe a puppy?  Also, to be discussed here.

This blog is my way of reconciling the past 6 or 7 years.  Making up for a shortfall of journal entries if you will.  I hope to be honest (with myself and my readers), open about the challenges I’m facing (philosophically and realistically) and engage all aspects of my own personal community.  That personal community is one that has been fragmented by my own doing in my effort to keep the ones who knew me before becoming religious separate from those who met me after.  But in fragmenting my friends, professional contacts and family, I think I’ve done myself a disservice by fragmenting myself.

This is my way of putting everything back together.

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  1. December 15, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    Love it! I also kept journal upon journal, but digital is sooo much easier. Mazel Tov on your blog and I’m looking forward to reading more!

  2. January 8, 2011 at 9:09 pm

    oooh how fun to find your blog. We’ve met via the community, but this is fun to learn more about you! I like your style! 🙂

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