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What are the perks you ask?

I wear a wig.

This might come as a major revelation to my college friends who I hope are reading this.  Now, don’t get worried, it’s not for health or hair-issue reasons… its (not a surprise) religious!

And honestly, how else did you think my hair looked so perfect in all those pictures I post – did you see my hair in college?  I was lucky it made it into a ponytail!  Most of the time it was a curly, knotty mess.. let’s be honest.

While most people outside “frum” circles might think that wearing a wig or covering your hair all the time is restricting or limits creativity (others might think it’s fun but only for once in a while and not because you have to…), I say it’s one of the perks of living a religious life.

Perk #1: Wearing a wig/covering my hair.  Sure, I don’t have the wind in my hair anymore, but it takes me two seconds to get all dolled up!  And I have two instant styles, short, perky and layered and mid-length straight and ready to be flipped out of my eyes with that all-too-subtle hand motion.

The best part – after years of battling the curl and straightening my hair, I battle no more!  I can run my hands through my straight hair and flip away! 🙂

Perk #2: A tight communal structure that’s at your service.

Whether you need a place to stay in any corner of the world, or you’ve just had a baby and don’t feel like cooking for the next two weeks, living in a frum community makes that all happen.  I didn’t have to make dinner for two weeks straight after Munchkin # 2, we always have a place to spend Shabbos (the Sabbath) when visiting family in NY and random strangers across the country offer to host you or give you information on kosher food and nearby shuls (synagogues) when traveling the U.S. – amazing!

Perk #3: Wearing skirts.

It may seem a little limiting at first, but you start to love it when you put one just a few extra lbs and hey, no need to buy new clothes cause most skirts have a little give in them – not like those jeans that require buttoning and zipping!

Perk #4: Separate social spheres for men and women.

In the secular world there’s not only a lot of interaction between men and women but there’s also a lot of affection being thrown around.  And sometimes that affection hurts relationships, like when you see a boyfriend kissing another girl on the cheek and giving lots of hugs.. it’s just hard to see that even if there’s tremendous trust between two people.

Well, in the frum world this doesn’t exist.  Once you’re married, no touching the other gender.. nope, not at all.  And furthermore, when you socialize it’s almost always with only your same gender, making it like being in a constant sorority!  Definitely this structure offers you the empowered, beautiful environment my sorority always did… being among strong amazing women and growing because of it!


Those are a few perks of living in one of my worlds (just in case people might get the impression that I was complaining too much) but really, the most valuable “perk” of all is finding a system of living that gives one meaning.  There’s an order to the madness and a philosophy under the trimmings.  There’s a Higher Being to answer to and there’s a responsibility to do so.

So although my wig might be oh so trendy and while my skirts might not be, nevertheless, being enveloped in a worldview that strives for greatness and a community that tries to hit the mark (although it sometimes doesn’t) is really the biggest perk of all.

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  1. December 21, 2010 at 11:41 am

    psshhhhhh! Well put. I also love the skirts for the forgiveness they provide. Of course, there’s the flip side of not realizing when you’ve eaten a few too many cookies ’cause there’s not that instant jeans-alert! Oh well. I also love the instant hairdo. It’s such a perk. Yay!

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